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Contact us was launched in 1995 as a free website to provide information about events and resources in and around Montreal. Since then, the website has accumulated a lot of information. We strive to provide something for everyone, with simplicity and ease of use. The continually updated events pages are the most active; they feature Afro-Caribbean and Other Events.

Every page of has a menu, with links to all the other main pages of the website. This is intended to make it easy to  navigate around the site. includes a page with notable Black People alive today. The page has pictures and a synopsis of the notables. Left-clicking the pictures brings up more information. This page also has links to information about our historical heroes, such as Rosa Parks, George Washington Carver, Marcus Garvey, Martin Luther King Jr. etc.

Also worthy of special note is the list of community facilities and resources such as Churches, Associations , embassies and newspapers with news from home.  Viewers are urged to spend some time browsing  through the different pages of the website. While you browse, you can be listening to African, Soul, Caribbean and other music from the Music page.

Our "Shopping online" page offers bargains and specials offers for internet shoppers.

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 is impartially committed to providing current and relevant information about everything in and around Montreal. Please note that we cannot and will not assume any liability for damage or losses caused by errors and/or omissions.