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Crossword solver. Now you can solve any crossword! Just enter the particulars of the word you're looking for and it's done.
Paint calculator. Enter the dimensions of your room or rooms, number of coats etc. and it will calculate how much paint you need.
"The world's first Internet butler". Type in your question and Jeeves will pull up links to websites where you can find the answer. gives accurate conversion of all world currencies.
Digital Dutch provides extensive facility to convert units of measurement.
A searchable archive of over 15,000 "how-to" tips. Provides answers to just about anything. Free registration and sign-up required.
Free, multi-language translations. Type or paste your text into the box, select the "from" and "to" languages, then click the translate button.
The Google Toolbar speeds up web searches and blocks popup ads that make surfing frustrating and time consuming. Install it for better searches; It's free.
Get instant answers to all your question related to subjects like Automotive, Body & Health, Computers, Cool Stuff, Electronics, Engines, Home, Internet, Entertainment etc.
This will bring up important historical events that occured on the date you enter.

Typing test. How fast can you type? How accurate is your typing? Take the test.
The recipe collection includes African Desserts Misc Pies, Appetizers Desserts Pudding Pies Savoury , Beans Cereals Drinks Polish, Desserts Frozen Pastries, Beef Veal Dry Mixes Pork etc...
You can be a poet too! Enter any word and you will get a bunch of rhyming ones.
Check on if rumors are true or not before you repeat them.
A handy online calculator.
Gives answers to questions you would not want to ask your mother. Based on Cecil Adams Chicago newspaper column "Straight Dope", started in 1973.

Looking for somewhere to go, something to do? Need something? Tell them you saw it on!