Left-click the links below to read various articles about the Logistics Hub proposed for the Goat Islands that are situated in the Portland Bight Protected Area, an expanse of 1,876 km from Hellshire in St. Catherine to Rocky Point in Clarendon.  


Goat Islands: A mistake we must not make (April 21, 2014):

IT professionals urged to take advantage of logistics hub opportunities (April 13, 2014):

If we build the logistics hub they will come (April 11, 2014):

Making Jamaica's logistic hub a reality (April 9, 2014):

‘Thank God fi seaside’. Old Harbour Bay fishers uncertain about future (April 9, 2014):

Jamaica signs agreement for trans-shipment hub (April 4, 2014):

'Deliberate attempts to confuse Goat Islands with logistics hub' (March 17, 2014):

Digicel data centre critical to logistics hub success (March 10, 2014):

Need for transparent, rational debate on Chinese investments (March 9, 2014):

GraceKennedy Foundation explores logistics hub (March 6, 2014):

Di Goat dun' kill, skin and heng up long, long time (March 4, 2014):

The dollars and cents of saving Goat Islands (March 3, 2014):

Say no to coal - Expert sounds warning over electricity plan for logistics hub (March 3, 2014):

The Chinese Goat Islands 'offer' is non-negotiable (March 2, 2014):

Logistics Hub could be a winner or loser (February 23, 2014):

Hub Dream (February 18, 2014):

Logistics hub not contingent on expanded Panama Canal - Davies (February 17, 2014):

Tread cautiously on logistics hub, Gov't warned (February 16, 2014):

Israelis hop on to logistics hub - Government gets promise for significant assistance with the planned game changer (February 9, 2014):

Govt not dealing with public in good faith re Goat Islands, says JET (February 7, 2014):

Relocation for Cow Bay? (February 3, 2014):

Setting the record straight: Goat Islands and the mangroves of PBPA update (January 28, 2014):

Jamaica can have its own logistics hub (January 27, 2014):

Why the Goat Islands are not the best location for the touted fourth World-Class Logistics Hub (January 26, 2014):

Jamaica's BPO among least costly (January 24, 2014):

Jamaican or Chinese jobs? (January 24, 2014):

Logistics-hub initiative eyes diaspora (January 23, 2014):

Jamaica ambitious to become global logistics hub (January 23, 2014):

Jamaica to go ahead with port on Goat Islands (January 23, 2014):

10,000 jobs from Goat Island port (January 22, 2014):

The Jamaica Logistics Hub Symposium for Jamaican Companies and Investors under the theme: ‘Transforming Jamaica’s Business Landscape’ (January 21 – 22, 2014):

Mike Henry lashes out at Logistic hub delay (January 9, 2014):

Holness questions Chinese interest in Goat Islands (January 8, 2014):

Gov't to press ahead with logistics hub (September 24, 2013):

Goat Islands not big enough (September 5, 2013):

Logistics hub may not benefit Jamaica - economist (November 11, 2013):

Environmentalists reject Chinese claims of no alternative to Goat Islands  (November 6, 2013):

Op-Ed: Jamaica, China and Goat Island (October 4, 2013):

Jamaica Logistics Hub / IBM Workshop (October 1, 2013):

The legend of Goat Islands (September 1, 2013):

Goat Islands could become Chinese state, warns Henry (August 30, 2013):

Goat Islands: ecology and economy (August 25, 2013):

No Small Plan – Can a global logistics hub transform Jamaica ? (August 9, 2013):

Exploring Logistic Hubs: (May 15, 2013):

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